There are many factors to consider before listing your property for sale:

Can I meet my objectives without selling the property?
What are my objectives/motives for selling?
What is my time frame? Have I considered how time frame affects price?
What are the tax consequences?
What is the value today? In five years? In ten years?
What marketing process best fits the property and my time frame? What is the marketing plan to be used to sell my property.
What qualifies the agent and the company to sell the property beyond just holding a real estate license?
Is the agent’s personality compatiable – will we be able to get along enough to complete the job?
At Mississippi Land Company, we use a team approach to sell property. Each team member has different areas of expertise, and is willing to provide the support necessary to meet each client’s objectives. Prior to listing a property, the above questions should be answered and the seller’s objectives clearly defined. Please call or email for an appointment to discuss your needs.