Sealed Bid Timber Sales

The most commonly recommended method for marketing timber is by sealed bid. Remember that random application of this process can have undesirable results. Many factors and market conditions must be considered in order to insure the maximum benefit.

Tax-Deferred Exchanges and Short/Long Term Tax Planning and Strategies

Ask any experienced investor – tax planning makes the difference between mediocre and great returns. Whoever originally said, “No one ever went broke turning a profit” was unfamiliar with today’s tax code! There are many tools available to those willing to consider them. We try to make clients aware of all options available.

Personal Referrals to Qualified Land Brokers

If you are considering a recreational or investment land purchase in another state, chances are good that Mississippi Land Company will know personally the land broker most qualified to assist you.

Land Sales and Acquisitions

For Sellers and Buyers, up-to-date land market savvy can mean $$ difference. All Mississippi Land Company does is related to land. We don’t sell phone cards, cosmetics, or insurance to supplement our income. Often a land sale or purchase is the largest single transaction of a lifetime. You only have one chance to do it right, call a professional.

Sealed Bid Land Sales

Although not always the right marketing process for every property, this can be an exciting and productive way to sell land that meets certain criteria.