Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis

A history in real life farm, timber, and wild life work. More overalls than khaki pants. Understands soils, dirt construction, courthouse records, tax implications, conservation easements and programs (both public and private). Gives the good news and the bad news straight. Enjoys long term business relationships with good people and good properties. Favorite work activities: 1. Making land plans; 2. Dealing with people who can make a decision.


· Closed sales in 54 of 82 Mississippi counties
· Served 20+ years as a Mississippi broker
· Worked previously in catfish farm management and forestry (inventory/sales)
· Taught classes for Mississippi Real Estate Commission, Extension Service, County Forestry Associations, on subjects such as Sealed Bid Process Sales, Landowner’s Guide to Hunting Leases/Club Management, and Forestry Management.
· Created land plans for wildlife management, income, and aesthetics

Professional Recognition:

· 1998 Leadership MAR/Land Realtor of the Year
· 1999 Vice President Southeast Regional RLI
· 2000 Private Property Right Liaison to NAR
· 1996 Received ALC designation

Personal Interests:

· Planting trees for wildlife and people (mast and fruit)
· Beekeeping (
· Gardening
· Hunting and fishing (turning into more of a watcher than a shooter)
· Teaching Bible classes (favorite books: Acts, I & II Samuel, Proverbs, James)

Cooking with the wife, especially canning jams and jellies (for eating and sharing)

Contact Information: